Why eCookbooks

Amazon doesn’t publish sales figures for Kindles or for Kindle ebook downloads, so it’s not easy to find an exact number when it comes to finding out how many Kindles are out there. According to some reports on the internet, as of 2011, there were roughly 14 million Kindle devices sold. And those who buy a Kindle buy plenty of ebooks to read on their Kindle. One report estimated that Amazon had sold 22 million ebooks about halfway through 2010. Whatever way you look at it, Amazon ebooks appears to be a multi-billion dollar industry.

eCookbooks seem to be a popular and profitable genre in the ebook market. As of April 4, 2013, Amazon has 7,760 ecookbooks listed for sale.

eCookbook Fundraising vs. Print Cookbook Fundraising, or Why eCookbooks?

There are a number of factors that make publishing an ecookbook as a fundraiser more advantageous than publishing a print cookbook as a fundraiser:

  • With an ecookbook, there’s no up-front investment for the sponsoring organization and therefore there’s no risk involved.

If you wanted to order 500 cookbooks with 300 recipes, you’d have to pay (and risk) about $1500 in advance. With an ecookbook, you’re initial financial investment for the same cookbook would be $0.

  • Sales and potential income from an ecookbook is unlimited!

The truth is that selling, for example, 500 print cookbooks as a fundraiser would likely be more profitable than selling 500 ecookbooks. The reason is that ecookbooks, in most cases, will be priced less than a print cookbook. Why? Because Kindle readers have come to expect that an ebook will be priced less than a print book. Kindle readers aren’t willing to pay $24.99 for the hardcover version of a novel, but very often are more than willing to take a chance on a writer they’ve never heard of and buy their first novel for $2.99 or $3.99. Similarly, an ecookbook being sold as a fundraiser won’t likely sell for the average price of a print cookbook fundraiser ($10), but is more likely to sell for $4.99.

Because you’re not limited to the physical number of ecookbooks that you ordered, you’re not limited to selling just 500 cookbooks. There is no limit to the potential sales of an ecookbook as everyone in the world who can access Amazon has the potential to see your ecookbook and to purchase your ecookbook. That’s why you could easily make more money publishing an ecookbook than you could publishing a print cookbook.

  • Face-to-face selling isn’t required for an ecookbook!

For the average person, face-to-face selling isn’t easy. If you’ve been part of a group or organization that has published a print cookbook as a fundraiser, you know what it’s like. You have to go around asking all of your friends, family members, and coworkers to buy the cookbook one at a time, individually. Or maybe you’ve had to make phone calls to family members across the country asking them to buy the cookbook.

With an ecookbook, you can ask people face-to-face, but you don’t have to. Instead, all you have to do for an ecookbook is send out emails, either as group emails or individual emails with a link to the listing on Amazon. You can also send the link out as a text to friends and family. And when you’re sending out the request to buy an ecookbook, you can rest assured that most people will be able to afford the $4.99 that a typical ecookbook costs as opposed to the $10 that a typical print version costs.

  • With ecookbooks, there’s no shipping, storage, hand-delivering, or handling payments!

When you publish a print cookbook as a fundraiser, the sponsoring organization has to accept the shipment of cookbooks, store the cookbooks, hand out the cookbooks to its members for delivery, and then receive all the payments from members making sure all of the money balances out.

Members have to pick up the cookbooks, store the cookbooks, hand-deliver the cookbooks, ship the cookbooks including one to her aunt in Seattle who was kind enough to order a cookbook, accept payments from those who bought the cookbooks, and deliver the money back to the sponsoring organization.

When you publish an ecookbook, Amazon “ships” the ecookbook directly to the purchaser electronically, and accepts the payment. All the organization and its members have to do is submit the recipes and send out a few emails asking their personal networks to buy the ecookbook. That’s it!

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